Most of the  products we all buy come to us via large national or multi-national chains. And the money we pay for them disappears out of the area. Most consumers seem to understand that favoring local producers and small specialty producers bolsters the local economy directly or bolster the local economy where they are produced. […]


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As part of the EU project Ground Truth, to set up citizen observatories, the municipality where the eco-village I am engaged in is the site for  a campaign to explore how citizen involvement can improve understanding and decision making around the water cycle. Citizen science is on the increase.…

This slide pack explains the basics

Human societies can be described as being made up of four types of capital. This capital changes over time. If it mimicked nature it would mature. As human society matures along with nature there is a build up of the different types of capital as they interact with each other and human work. As you […]

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And since 1999, it seems things have only gotten better when it comes to small-scale agriculture in Russia.  In 2003 the Russian President signed into law a further “Private Garden Plot Act” enabling Russian citizens to receive free of charge from the state, plots of land in private inheritable ownership.…

The slide above shows a schematic of the stages in establishing an intentional eco-settlement where the residents plan to have jobs in the area. We envisage the municipality getting involved in job-creation and new business establishment.

The first edition of the community finance briefing is about how to approach the financial side of community In edition #1 What founder Bill Mollison says about finance Why a community is not a company What communities should deliver DOWNLOAD HERE newsletterfp#1_mollison In edition #2 Defining Community Why community is important The right size The intention The Tribe DOWNLOAD HERE newsletterfp#2_community […]

These powerpoints come from the various teaching programs held by Folke Günther, published with his kind permission. They cover the basics of ecology needed to understand sustainable settlements.

Back in July, participants from Sweden and Denmark gathered for the annual Circle Way camp hosted by Manitonquat, a Native American who bases his teachings on traditional tribal ways. The camp, held at the Mundekulla conference center, has been going for some 11 years now. This year for the first time they were joined by […]