Community finance briefings

The first edition of the community finance briefing is about how to approach the financial side of community

In edition #1

  • What founder Bill Mollison says about finance
  • Why a community is not a company
  • What communities should deliver

DOWNLOAD HERE newsletterfp#1_mollison

In edition #2 Defining Community

In edition #3 From consumer to community member
Are there financial models that show communities how to realign their financial dealing to stop money leaking? This newsletter explores the possibilities to set up such arrangements. Download it here … newsletterfp#3_financeB

In edition #4 The object method

This edition of the briefing takes you through the planning process where you identify key objects, what they deliver and how they integrate with each other as well as the costs and revenues associated with them. The object method is a neat, structured way of putting the high -level design on the table for all of you to discuss and brainstorm around. And as you will see later, it is a great help with producing the business plan.

Download this latest edition here! newsletterfp#4_objects

In edition #5  The community finance canvas

The  canvas consists of a set of community building blocks, each with a set of questions. The purpose of the canvas is to help you design your sustainable community and get to a stage where you can start to produce a financial plan. The canvas can be printed out or copied onto large paper and hung on the wall or spread out over a large table. When going through the canvas we let our imaginations produce a picture of how the community could be when it is fully developed.

To view the full canvas download it here.



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