Is the time ripe for producers to distribute directly?

Most of the  products we all buy come to us via large national or multi-national chains. And the money we pay for them disappears out of the area. Most consumers seem to understand that favoring local producers and small specialty producers bolsters the local economy directly or bolster the local economy where they are produced.

One recent idea is to set up a Producer to Seller (P2S )network to take advantage of the smaller, local producers.P2S i sa web-based application that offers dealerships and wholesale ordering facilities.

Producer to Seller works like this: once you decide to be a local seller you browse the P2S website to find products you would like to sell. You then establish a dealership with that firm and order goods which are delivered direct to you. You buy them at wholesale price and sell them at retail.

As a producer, you need to work out what your minimum order quantity is and offer that to your representatives along with the training and sales material needed for them to effectively represent your brand.

Learn more:

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