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Establishment phases

The slide above shows a schematic of the stages in establishing an intentional eco-settlement where the residents plan to have jobs in the area. We envisage the municipality getting involved in job-creation and new business establishment.

Änggärdet: the Swedish Eco-Village

Powerpoint presentations from Folke Günther

These powerpoints come from the various teaching programs held by Folke Günther, published with his kind permission. They cover the basics of ecology needed to understand sustainable settlements.

Circle Way Camp shows how to tribe up your village

Back in July, participants from Sweden and Denmark gathered for the annual Circle Way camp hosted by Manitonquat, a Native American who bases his teachings on traditional tribal ways. The camp, held at the Mundekulla conference center, has been going for some 11 years now. This year for the first time they were joined by […]

Sustainable, intentional communities

Eco-villages are your best investment

Despite the widely held faith in the efficiency of free markets, the industrial capitalist model has arguably failed to deliver. Specifically, it fails to provide lasting economic security, food and shelter to large percentages of the world population. Furthermore, despite being blessed with the easy availability of massive amounts of fossil fuel, many countries are […]